(Seeing With the Opalescent Optics of Now)

Seeing is an impermanent practice.

SWOON is a portfolio. SWOON is a reflecting pool. SWOON is about how we all see things differently. 

Our capacity to see is always changing, transforming through love and time. Our bodies evolve in a perpetual dance situated within our relationships to technology, the environment, and each other. 

For SWOON, I travel between my studio in Denmark and my temporary studio in France, at the home of Claude Monet. I explore water and the emotive aspects of color: how we individually and collectively engage with color as well as with the endless progression of technology that extends our capability to experience color. 

I researched Monet’s plan of creating his gardens and lily ponds as a living color laboratory. I tracked Monet’s experience of the impermanence of visual acuity. Changed by love, by loss and by time, Monet was destabilized by the resultant alterations to his vision. My time in Monet’s constructed garden opened my work to interrogating, mourning, and celebrating structural changes to the architecture of our eyes over time. How do devices and procedures that disrupt that physical degradation affect our perceptions of color, light, and space? 

How is seeing changed by love and loss?

Have you looked inside of a wave?

A paintbrush in water

Tendril expanse of ache

Cobalt azure midnight

Lit like the moon.

wherever we are is a shore (silver azure violet blue)independent and interdependent (azure blue)time's relentless melt (mercury blue)graphite wave (silver blue)touch in a flood (violet blue)water bed (sea blue)remember us (cerulean blue)the abandoned boat (sage green)new york flood dream (monet green)watergliders (aegean blue)three times my life opened (blue green)your voice is the bridge (silver to blue)looking inside a wave (cornflower blue)