Have you looked inside of a wave?

A paintbrush in water

Tendril expanse of ache

Cobalt azure midnight

Lit like the moon.

beauty after the flood (silver azure violet blue)independent and interdependent (azure blue)time's relentless melt (mercury blue)graphite wave (silver blue)touch in a flood (violet blue)water bed (sea blue)remember us (cerulean blue)vanishing stroke (turquoise blue)new york flood dream (monet green)along above the water (blue pink)watergliders (aegean blue)as my two eyes make one (midnight blue)mourning waves (cobalt blue)vaporize (azure after the storm blue)holding this (sky blue)into the white fire (opal white)exhale (sea foam blue)the abandoned boat (sage green)three times my life opened (blue green)looking inside a wave (cornflower blue)your voice is the bridge (silver to blue)