during dusk and dawn, the color flux extends into the range of metallic and iridescent. along the coast, the angle of illumination shifts rapidly. colors stimulate mood. the images in this portfolio are named after fragments of poems and songs; textual memories connect the golds, silvers, and opals of scattered light. ephemeral metallics. 

in 1744, abraham gottlob werner first published his nomenclature where he organized colors around minerals to make a "standard." in 1814, scottish flower painter patrick symeby built on werner's work to include the animal and plant world. through extending these charts to include metallics, i reimagine the colors of twilight and open the grid to the infinite task of charting the fluctuations of emotion in color. the question becomes: how does the heart tint the lens and complicate the standard?

through photographing paint drying (yes, literally, paint drying), i invite the eye into the impermanent transition of materials. through recording the pigment of paint curling within the water, i attempt to depict the liquid as it bleeds into the fiber of the paper. these drops of paint themselves are in flux, as are the instruments of capture.

Sarah Schorr, Aarhus, Denmark 2020

morning songgoing deepermy colors change like the sea (blue canvas)the blue of your eyesarrival gatestranslucentdeparture gateslevitatemetallic skiescobalt and azurethe shape of watermetallic fieldsdear shadowthe texture of waves holding beautyopalmarch wallif you say runedge of the seaviolet waterstormsilver lightsunrise mixmetallic duskoutside the lineswhile the color lights up your facethere is a basin in the mindmoonlightfloat: 4 pink cloudsvi er uendeligethe color of distanceexit flightmy colors change like the sea (yellow canvas)wings outthe red housemetallic bodiesjust after