Social Photography, Sarah’s PhD dissertation, investigates how the philosophy of photography transforms in relation to social media. As she wrote and researched, Sarah opened a photo dialogue with her (then) five year old daughter, Sophie. These images follow Sophie as she navigates her new surroundings in Kathmandu. By Sarah’s description, “Sophie had no preconceptions of what daily life in Kathmandu would be like. Her reactions were instinctual, whimsical, and often quite visually driven. She wasn’t afraid to ask, ‘What’s this?’ and as a result she wasn’t afraid to approach new people every day. The images in this body of work are inspired by both Sophie’s discoveries but also the warm way that Nepalis engaged Sophie’s inquiries with enthusiasm." She remarks, “Our photography experience was not just about me taking pictures of Sophie. Nepalis photographed Sophie too. Consequently, I often photographed people photographing Sophie. There was something of a photography dialogue going on as we watched each other.”